ExpoAutoMex will feature the latest equipment, tools, components, materials, and manufacturing concepts driving the success of Mexico’s auto, light truck, and commercial vehicle manufacturing operations.

3.4 Million Automobiles, $50 Billion Export Revenue

As the largest manufacturing sector in Mexico, top tier brands here produced 3.4 million automobiles in 2015 generating US$50 Billion in export revenue.

Auto Industry to Invest $25 Billion

The entrenched success of the auto industry sector explains why US$25 Billion in new investment in Mexico has been announced in the past four years.

42 Manufacturers

Currently, forty-two manufacturers have production sites in the country building hundreds of different models, and have transformed Mexico into one of the most robust auto manufacturing markets in the world.

511 Autoparts Manufacturing Plants*

Auto parts manufacturers add a second, deep layer of opportunity for industry suppliers participating in the automotive supply chain.

*ProMexico 2014 market analysis