ExpoAutoMex will feature the latest equipment, tools, components, materials, and manufacturing concepts driving the success of Mexico’s auto, light truck, and commercial vehicle manufacturing operations.

Products & Services

  • Machining & stamping equipment
  • Fastening / Joining systems
  • Assembly Equipment & Technology
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Wire harnesses
  • Material handling systems
  • Robotics
  • Drive-train components
  • Molded plastic parts
  • Prototyping systems & software
  • Interiors components
  • Contract manufacturing providers
  • Logistics software
  • Auto glass
  • Acoustic Materials
  • Forged components
  • Tools & accessories
  • Paints & Finishes
  • Test & Inspection equipment
  • Site Selection
Attending Professionals

  • R&D Engineers
  • Plant Engineers
  • Plant / Facility Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Manufacturing Technicians
  • Line Supervisors
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Quality Control
  • Executive Management
Conference Content

  • Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
  • Site Selection
  • Technologies and trends
  • Government Regulations
  • Product planning
  • Counterfeit Electronic parts
  • Future of self-driving vehicles

Including AutoTronica

Automotive electronic systems enable advanced safety features, new information, entertainment, & driver-assist options, and greater operating efficiency.

The electric/electronic share of value build into a modern vehicle today is 40 percent for traditional, internal combustion engine cars and jumps as high as 75 percent for electric or hybrid vehicles.

This reality will become more pronounced as advances in semiconductor technology, software, and sensors continue to increase the capabilities of
automotive electronic systems.

ExpoAutoTronica will feature components, subsystems, and manufacturing tools that enable this important dynamic.